Duke’s Meadow (Park Training) – Risk Assessment


Groups of no more than 30 will attend training.  Any more will be divided into groups adherent to the government guidelines on group sizes and social distancing.

Players will be reminded to follow government guidelines when using public transport en route to training.


All players will be asked to self-assess based on the below.  If they believe they are positive for any of the below criteria, they will not attend training and will be asked to follow government guidance on self-isolating.


  1. Training equipment will be handled only by 4 players/coaches during a session
  2. 2 people will be named as leaders for each session, with overall responsibility to carry out all safety requirements.
  3. All equipment – bibs, cones, balls – will be cleaned after use, and only once per week.  This is stored at our home ground Chiswick Cricket Club, 100 metres away from Duke’s Meadow.
  4. All players attending training will bring their own water bottle and not share with others
  5. Goalkeepers will not share gloves
  6. The club will provide hand-gel at the start of training and at the end


  1. All players will be required to register before being allowed to train.  This will be handled through a google form tracked through to a spreadsheet
  2. All players will socially distance between drills


  1. Changing facilities will not be provided – players will be expected to turn up ready to play
  2. Toilets will also not be provided – players are expected to manage their liquid intake to not require these facilities during the session

Providing all of these guidelines are adhered to, Ibis Eagles AFC expect the risk to players is as low as it can be.


Ibis Eagles AFC have prepared risk assessments for all relevant locations where training and games will be played:

  • Chiswick Cricket Club
  • GSK
  • Club des Sports