Risk Matrix and how to use:

  Risk likelihood
Risk Ratingx123

To find the overall risk, you multiply the risk rating by the likelyhood of it happening to make the overall danger rating. If green then it is a minimal risk and someone isn’t likely to get hurt when it occurs. Orange is of a greater risk and someone is likely to get hurt or injured if it occurs and red is where the injury/outcome is likely to be severe if it occurred.

Area of risk: Catching Covid 19 What areas of risk are there?Arrangements in place What has been put in place to reduce the risk of dangersRisk Rating  Likelyhood  OverallReviewed by Who is in charge for following/checking the arrangements are happening.
Social distancing   with the public who are accessing the bar.       With the public who are watching the matches.   Signage for social distancing     Overcrowding at one way system   Substitutes and managers/people on the sidelines who are not spectators    One way system in place from the entrance to the premises to allow access to toilets, bar and benches. All people encouraged to maintain a 2 meter distance from others. Players must also follow one way system and maintain social distancing when accessing the pitches of facilities. The bench area is situated away from both pitches.   Players will be discouraged from bringing spectators to matches. For cases where this is not manageable i.e child care arrangements fell through etc, spectators will be shown to an area distanced at least 2 meters from the pitch and away from any player/team designated areas for the game. They will also be reminded to adhere to social distancing rules.   Clear signs and tape on the floor to show one way system and to help maintain social distancing.     If needed, captains to walk the players to the end of the car park away from the one way system and around the pitches that way to reduce crowding. Each team will be allocated an area of the pitch for warm ups, warm downs and training spaces. During the game an area will be allocated to each team that is approximately 1 metre or further away from the side-lines of the pitch. All non-playing members of a team must stay within these parameters.313Onsite managers, captains and committee members   Individual players/attendees
Facilities   Changing rooms     Toilets       After game refreshments/ bar      Access to the changing rooms will not be granted. All players should come dressed ready to play. Showers will not be accessible at the beginning of the season or until change in guidance has been given.     Toilets will be accessible throughout the match day and will be open for at least 30mins prior and after matches for players to use. Toilets will be accessible on a 3 people max usage. All players/ users will be reminded to wash hands thoroughly after use. When waiting for use, people will wait outside the club house by the side entrance until a space becomes available to use the facilities.     After game refreshments will not be provided until guidance/ league updates. The bar is available for drinks as long as one way system and benches are used accordingly. Whole teams will be advised to not stay. The inside bar area is not accessible and outside tables must be used In accordance to social distancing rules.313Onsite managers, captains and committee members   Individual players/attendees
Travelling to and from the venue   Public transport     Travelling with others     Parking    Managers to recommend players attend games via public transport where possible. Players will be reminded to wear facemasks whilst travelling and adhere to social distancing rules.   Players will be reminded to travel to and from the venue with members of their household/support bubble.     Where this is not viable, players can use the car park on site. Players will be reminded to allow others to exit their cars and move away before getting out of their own cars when parked next to another person. This is the same for getting in the car to leave the premises.326Individual players/ attendees
Promoting good hygiene and regularly clean facilities   Hand washing     Spitting/ chewing gum     Hand sanitiser      Players will be referred to the toilets for hand washing. Signage for appropriate hand washing will be displayed for everyone to follow.   Spitting is prohibited at all times. All players with chewing gum will be directed to wrap it up in tissue and put it in the bin to reduce cross contamination.   It is recommended that all players bring their own hand sanitiser gel. However, teams will also provide their own for players to use before, after and during half time in matches.313Onsite managers, captains and committee members   Individual players/attendees
Health checks, injuries and illness   Health check   Illness     First aid and Injuries     insuranceAll players will be required to look at the health check list prior to playing or attending the venue. If the player/person does not show signs of Covid/Illness then they will be permitted to play. Players who show symptoms of Covid will not be permitted on the grounds of the venue and will be highly recommended to follow government guidelines of Self-isolating. If a player develops or shows symptoms then they will be removed from the game immediately and recommended to go home. All equipment will then be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. Players will then be encouraged to use hand sanitiser and the referee will decide whether to end the match.   Each team must have their own first aider within the team. Each first aider should be provided with the appropriate PPE and first aid kit before playing in case of emergency.   If a player gets injured, a member of their household or support bubble can aid them for example they are watching from a car. But all others will need to socially distance unless a serious or life threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care. First aiders should use PPE before treating any injuries where time restraints allow i.e emergency situations. In all cases, NHS guidance on further management should be followed.   All teams must have their own insurance to protect their players. Ibis Eagles are covered within the Excellence 75 cover.313Individual players     First aiders Captains and managers       Committee members
Equipment   disinfectant     cleaning equipment       sharing equipment     drinks    Teams should provide their own disinfectant for cleaning.   All equipment should be cleaned after use. Footballs should be disinfected before a game, and after a game, and during half time.   Teams should provide their own equipment to reduce the cross contamination. Where this is not possible, equipment should be disinfected or left for 72 hours before being reused.   All players will be required to bring their own water bottles and should not share in case of cross contamination. There is access to an outside water fountain for refilling bottles where necessary.313  Team captains/ managers     Individuals

This risk assessment will be reviewed and updated as and when new government and league guidance is given.