Ibis Eagles – Awards 2017/2018

A quick look back at the Awards ceremony that concluded the 2017/18 season.  Many congratulations to all winners on the night and keep up those performances into the new season.

1s Player of the year: Charlie Johnson

1s Clubman of the year: Callum Scott




2s Player of the year: Gareth Cliffe

2s Clubman of the year: Adam Oldfield



3s Player of the year: Wayne Vassell (not pictured)

3s Clubman of the year: Zakaria Ibrahim (not pictured)


4s Player of the year: Nathan Munroe

4s Clubman of the year: Graham Flynn (not pictured)



5s Player of the year: Danyal Ali (not pictured)

5s Clubman of the year: Paul Dennis (not pictured)


Golden Boot: Danyal Ali (21 goals) (not pictured)

Golden Boot (1s): Phil Obi (9 goals) (not pictured)

Golden Glove: Jaime Cooper


Lifetime achievement award: Charles Linsley


Team of the year 2016/17: 5s



Young Player of the year: Josh Nail


New Player of the year: Antonio Nava Croft


Ibis Eagles AFC Manager of the Year 2016/17: Ed Ryan


Overall Clubman of the year: Dorian Bunker


Rob Evans Award: Mark Laurie (not pictured)


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